the LactPact Project

The LactPact Project is a combination of our LacPac kit and the emotional support resources made available by MidHudson Chocolate Milk. A LacPac would be given to a BIPOC or LGTBQ identifying individual for free with 8 weeks of virtual lactation support postpartum. We’d check in with parents two weeks prior to their expectant due date, before two weeks postpartum. We’d also conduct a five question survey between the 6-8 week mark, then at approximately 3,6 and 12 months.

The purpose of the LactPact Project is to gather data that substantiates the need to invest in lactation. We hope that the data reflects a more proactive and comprehensive approach to lactation. We’d use the information to collaborate with health agencies that generally provide women’s wellness services. The information would be used to provide more insight regarding the need for lactation specific professionals, especially of color in our communities to effectively combat disparities.

If interested in possible participation please click here.

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