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The LACPAC is a lactation resource kit designed to prepare and support expectant parents as they embark on their lactation journey.

Our societal understanding of breastfeeding since it is a biological function, the process is instinctive, and if not then it simply is not meant to be. Due to forgotten practices, our awareness has been skewed regarding the power of this particular biological function and many mothers are naturally overwhelmed and quit. Most mothers in the United States who attempt to engage in nursing stop within the first two weeks due to pain and a lack of support. With the lowest lactation engagement of any developed nation, it is a desperate need for us to address the lack of lactation support. LACPAC kits are designed to alleviate stress, pain and educate parents to overcome those first two weeks.

The LACPAC includes Commit with Confidence, a lactation resource guide that reviews various topics such as a proper latch, different holds, daily expectations, and healthy habits. Visual aids for personal reference will directly combat issues like poor latching and ineffective holds which are causes for the pain commonly associated with nursing. Also included are both a reusable cooling and warming compress designed to reduce pain and inflammation, and a silicone hand pump that also relieves engorgement and catches excess milk for storage.

Expectant parents would receive their LACPAC at the beginning of their 3rd trimester. It is in the best interest of the expectant parent to have time and avoid distress during their initial postpartum period. Pain is not a part of a healthy lactation journey, the LACPAC contains everything a parent needs to feel confident producing milk.