the LacPac kit

The LacPac kit was created to prevent parents from foregoing a lactation journey and not tapping into the benefits of lactation. Most individuals associate lactation with pain or soreness but there shouldn’t be either, physical irritation is a symptom that something can be corrected. The tools included assist in relieving the inflammation of engorgement and support with visual reference how best to establish a deep latch. Understanding how to navigate these early postpartum circumstances can be the difference between commitment or compromise.

Ideally, expectant parents would receive their kit approximately six weeks prior to their due date. It is important to provide this resource before birth so individuals can better understand that lactation is a part of the gestation process, with the body formulating milk at 24 weeks of pregnancy. Also, it is in the best interest of the expectant parent to have time and avoid distress during their initial postpartum period. The kit contains reference materials with what to expect, how to prepare, how to navigate the different holds, a proper latch, and pump preparedness for returning to work. The INJOY resource guides also provide access to additional supports via text and video. Pain is not a part of a healthy lactation journey, the LacPac contains low impact handheld tools to help relieve the pain of inflammation and engorgement, which can occur when milk matures.

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